muga – japanese concepts & ropes

Translations of Muga no Kyouchi and its derivatives, on Cathy’s blog

I think for me the concept of  “empty mind” plus “open heart” … well in Asian cultures mind + heart can be synonymous, two nuances of the same … is for me what I feel, where I am  when there is a “ZenRopes” spirit / atmosphere around.

The empty mind …letting go of expectations and standards ( I have to be good / perfect; or right;. or ….. ) brought up by the Ego’s old habits …

Trying to be fully present in the present moment, honoring the trust my rope-partner offers me …

“open heart” the rigger’s vulnerability ….   which for me is also part of his/her sensitivity and capacity  to tune in, to listen and then go with the flow ….

between heaven and earth

Yes, for me ropes have a whole lot to do with communication beyond words and that one might be very subtle …

the pure rope-handling technique most people can learn the basics for floor.-work  ( techniques like frictions, basic security prescriptions …)  if they put the necessary training into it quite quickly  … or even find all sorts of tutorials about on youtube

the empty mind and open heart …. a different story … a different thread of which makes the ropes an extra-ordinary moment (time-space) for meeting the other without masks … touching deep inside … being seen in all imperfection and authenticity  based on a deep respect for the trust offered and the vulnerability of humans without mask’s


refered to the training in martial arts : “the ability to enter the mental state of muga—a state in which the mind did not interfere with the actions of their trained bodies.”

© photo : maskandmirror, winter 16/17


update on 25.04.2017 –  see Lily’s  “a tale of two ropes” ~  empty mind and open heart


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